Wednesday, August 4, 2010

California, California, here I come...

Technically, the title is incorrect, because guess who arrived in sunny California on July 31?!


I have no interwebz or cable yet, so I'm doing a quick update from the library, but LA is really awesome so far. The apartment is almost complete and my life is 10x more interesting since moving from Delaware.

The drive across was incredible and without troubles, except I did get a speeding ticket in Jersey.  Obviously, I'm pissed off about it.  The cop did not even clock me, but clocked the guy in front of me and decided I was doing the same speed (false), which is some horse manure if I ever heard any.  If I was in Jersey still, I'd contest it, but alas, I am not. It kind of serves me right though, since I've sped throughout all of New Jersey countless times. Gotta squeeze me dry while they could, I suppose.

A bigger, longer, cooler update with pictures coming soon, bbs! Just wanted to let you all know I'm well and alive.


  1. god, you know what i really hate? when people don't update their blogs for over a month! CMON FOO.

  2. Hey girl!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I found the baskets here:

    Have fun!!!

  3. Your web looks absolutely gorgeous. I was thinking to follow each other. Tell me what you think :X