Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Packing is Really Obnoxious

I know this blog is here to let you all know how my move is going and all, and we all knew this would happen. I've obviously become a victim of time, meaning that there's very little of it and I have a lot to do.

The good news is that I am packed.  My Door2Door shipping container holding pretty much everything I've ever thought was picked up yesterday and is getting shipped today. It's going to beat me to LA by a day or so.  This makes the actual drive much easier than I originally thought it'd be, because I no longer have to worry about driving a huge ass truck with a car on a flatbed behind it. I only have to worry about maneuvering my little Corolla, which I am having spacial issues with since it's new and I'm still used to driving around my Honda CR-V.

Keith and I went to Delaware early on Tuesday morning to pack up everything that was there.  I packed my car with other various stuff that you saw in my room from a previous post, including all of my board games, a TV my brother left behind, books, CDs, and some clothes.  We had all intentions of packing for the day and getting out early on Wednesday.  We had breakfast with two of his friends who he hasn't seen in a while.  After breakfast, we headed back to my apartment and started on laundry and packing, but then I got a message from Kaylee through facebook.  She really liked how my tattoo turned out this past May and has been saying how she's been itching to get her next tattoo and wanted to see my artist, Javier at Tough Luck Tattoo in Lewes, DE.  Kaylee is a great friend and decided that she'd finally make it to DE after all my years of being there, help me pack, and get a tattoo done.  I told this to Keith, who said that if we're going to be in Lewes, we might as well go to Rehobeth and go to the Dogfish Head Brewery and call his friends back up and see if they wanted to go.  Lewes and Rehobeth are about an hour and half/two hour drive from my apartment in DE, and so Kaylee arrived around 2 and made an appointment for 5:30.

I'm sure you can guess what did not happen that day as planned.  Keith kept saying how when we got back to the apartment, we were going to move the couch, but that obviously did not pan out as planned. Instead, once we got back, we went straight to bed.  But the day was great and filled with good food, great drinks, great friends, and Kaylee's new, bitchin' ink.

So Wednesday came.  Now, if you're not from the East Coast, specifically NJ/DE, I can tell you that we've been having a drought. For at least a month, maybe even two. Wanna guess what the weather was like every time we wanted to move big heavy objects?  TORRENTIAL DOWN POUR EVERY TIME WE WANTED TO MOVE MY MASSIVE, HEAVY-ASS COUCH.  It's heavy because it is a sofa-sleeper and it's fairly old, but wonderfully comfortable.  I spent a large portion of the day soaked and completely overwhelmed, but at the end of the day, my entire place was condensed into boxes packed into a giant container.  Awesome!

I've been trying to see friends and family now that I'm, for all intensive purposes, packed up and ready to go.  I realized the other day that this is my last week here, and although I will be back to visit, it will be different and who knows how long I'll be back for.  Today is possibly the last day I'll be seeing my dad, stepmom, and grandma, and I cried the other day when I realized it.  I'm sure I'll cry today when I say goodbye because I am a big crybaby and can't deal with anything.

For now, I'm going to get ready to enjoy the day with my family.  I'll do more catch-up with you all later.

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